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The status quo of my country's stationery foreign trade

Public date:2022-08-15 15:53:09

Today, the exports of Chinese stationery products cover various countries and regions of various continents.

China Customs data shows that the export volume of Chinese stationery in 2020 reached 35.08 billion yuan. The main markets include: Russia, Spain, Hungary and other European countries, as well as South American countries such as Paraguay and Brazil.

As a "capital of the world", Yiwu is an important distribution center for stationery exports.

"I can't think of this place in Yiwu myself. I can export what I do to many countries in the world. I have been here for about 25 years. It can be said that I have dealt with at least 50-80 countries in the world. Facing the development of Yiwu stationery's foreign trade, a stationery shop owner said.

Walking between the shops in the three districts of the Wuwu Commercial City, you can watch products printed with various texts. Among the 47 stationery merchants visited, the total number of countries or regions exported reached more than 80.

There are many advantages of stationery products exported to China, showing diversification, security, and personalization.

In terms of diversification, Chinese merchants have continuously launched products with different scenarios.

"Now we have derived a lot of things. For example, in the past, the pens are now derived to the fabric pen, which has become very fine now." Said the stationery merchant Chen of Yiwu Commercial City.

He said that there are many types of pen than before. For example, the fabric pen is painted on the clothes. The water -based marker pen is painted on the stone. The flashing pen has a flash effect. The metallic marker pen is metallic.

At the same time, more and more consumers pay attention to stationery security.

In the early days of stationery development, practical functionality is the focus of many stationery merchants and consumers, such as whether it can be successfully produced, whether it can write smooth words, and whether it is comfortable to use.

As international requirements become strict, more Chinese stationery merchants have also begun to pay attention to the security of stationery.

There are many international standards for measuring stationery.

In our country, the "Safety General Requirements for Student Products" was officially implemented in 2008, and the standard requirements for stationery security and the basis of stationery testing were proposed.

"In the past, we picked up this pen and thought of the function, just write it. Then the words of foreigners see the safety, such as opening the lid, what will happen to the child by mistake?" Boss Chen, a stationery merchant in Yiwu Commercial City.

He said that in the early years, everyone felt that the sealed lid could effectively protect the pen and reduce the loss of ink evaporation. However, for foreign stationery merchants, this lid with holes can better prevent children from blocking the child's tracheal clogging after accidental food. "Slowly now to improve the security of stationery, this is learned from foreigners," said Boss Chen.

In terms of personalization, in addition to satisfying basic practicality, more consumers pay attention to the packaging and culture of stationery itself.

According to the results of a German business institute's survey of the promotion market, 59%of stationery distributors hope to highlight the personalization of the product. From this, it can be seen that the pursuit of personalization has become a direction for stationery consumption.

Boss Chen said: "Packaging is also a point to improve profits. You can see that the packaging is becoming more and more bright and diverse now."

Product packaging is a very important part of the entire marketing process. The packaging design was originally designed to protect the product. Now it plays a very important role in brand recognition. The stationery packaging is a silent salesperson in the stationery market. It is the first side of the stationery display and the key factor affecting consumers' purchase.

He mentioned that the packaging of stationery is becoming more and more "bulky" and "bright", which makes it easy for consumers to see it at a glance.

In addition, the stationery exported to China is also meeting consumers in different countries and regions for different needs for stationery.

It is understood that customers in the Middle East countries often like golden. 44.29%of the stationery products sold to Turkey are plated on the surface. For Spain, the business promotion method of small gifts with corporate signs with corporate signs is increasingly prevalent in Spain, and small stationery with custom LOGO and low price is more popular.




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