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Challenges and prospects of stationery foreign trade in my country

Public date:2022-08-15 15:54:04

Although Chinese exports have many advantages, they also face many challenges.

Since the opening of the three districts of the International Trade City in 2005, there are more than 2,000 stalls that sell stationery -related products. The stationery manufacturing technology is relatively low, the products produced are similar, and the competitive environment between merchants and merchants is also very fierce.

The market of small commodity cities has the basic elements of the free competition market to a certain extent. It refers to a very many production and sales companies in an industry, which all provide similar and standardized products to the market in the same way. Merchants are not controlled by the prices of goods or labor. In this competitive environment, because the merchants have no influence on prices, they can only silently become a pricing recipient. If any business that raises or reduce prices will cause a sudden decrease in demand for this product or unnecessary loss of profits.

Therefore, product prices can only be determined with supply and demand. For the stationery market, it is very difficult to have a fair competition with thousands of companies at the same time. Due to the existence of a large number of producers and consumers, compared with the sales volume and purchase volume of the entire market, the presence of individual businesses is extremely low.

In addition to fierce competition, weak intellectual property awareness and low scientific and technological content are the main challenges.

First of all, the intellectual property awareness of some merchants is weak, which has led to low uniqueness between commodities, and plagiarism is becoming increasingly serious.

A stationery owner in Youtu Commercial City said: "Of course, in the process of selling stationery, because of the low threshold of product manufacturing, this copy of the family copied this one, these are very common things."

The stationery patents are mainly divided into two types, namely appearance patents and practical patents. Brand trademarks and patterns belong to the appearance patent. The functionality of the product is a practical patent. The production of similar products under the authorization of patent holders can be judged as plagiarism.

Because there are countless merchants in the market, it is inevitable that behaviors seem to be. The owner of a stationery store clarified the current situation of the market. He believes that in order to build a national unified market, the improvement of the legal system is a vital step. If it is a Western country, it is quite serious that the cost of plagiarizing the goods of others without the authorized by merchants and making a violation of credit and morality is quite serious. Not only will it be crowded out by other merchants in the market, but it will also bear legal responsibility for this. In the current China, if the same event happens, the price pays is very low.

In the face of the international market, the lack of this concept will bring a blow to some stationery exported to some Chinese exports.

Secondly, some stationery products have low technical content, and the market is limited.

It may be difficult for us to think of a notebook and a pen in a pen. It is true that for a long time, some stationery manufacturers in China lack awareness of technological importance.

"There is nothing on the surface of this paper? If I paint with this ink now, the pattern of Mickey Mouse will appear on the paper. This is called technology." A merchant said when showing the product. The ink in the paper and the pattern in the paper have a chemical reaction, which makes the pattern explicit.

The technology mentioned by the merchant has been used in many children's DIY stationery suits. The blessing of technology gives this pen a stronger interest and a wider market.

Technology will improve quality and price, but for ordinary low -value products, with the deepening of competition, the supply chain profit margins of these products are compressed.




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